Reassess Virtualization Strategy

Virtualization and VMware are crucial in modern IT, with over 90% presence in data centers. Broadcom's acquisition raises concerns about licensing and support, necessitating careful consideration and reassessment of virtualization strategies.

Reassess Virtualization Strategy
Reassess Virtualization Strategy - World Wide Technology Research on Data Center Priorities with Robb Boyd

Virtualization. VMware.

These have become almost synonymous terms are certainly interchangeable

Virtual machines have become the building blocks of modern I. T. systems.

And with VMware present over 90 percent of our data centers, there's a high chance that you have, some VMWare infrastructure somewhere, which may or may not require attention.

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Broadcom's recent acquisition has already led to concerns about licensing, product support, and a whole bunch of other issues, or potential issues.

VMware, as we know it, has been fundamentally altered.

Robb Boyd asks 'What do we do about VMware?'

These changes are significant, and they require careful consideration, no matter whether you see them as positive or negative.

Customers seeking to mitigate the impact of these changes often jump to

migration as being some type of a quick answer.

Well migration is a serious endeavor that We'll look different for eve ry customer. Plus there's a lot of preparation and analysis required before that should even be considered.

Case in point, World Wide Technology would say that you should "reassess your virtualization strategy".

This advice can be found within the research paper Data Center Priorities for 2024.

These include a pay down, technical debt, cyber recovery, which we covered in a recent show that you can watch already and AI investments here at priority three.

And then we'll jump down to five for staffing issues, which remain important...wish this one was new.

But priority four, that's our focus for this episode: "Reassess virtualization strategy" or put another way....

What do we do, if anything, about VMware?

By Broadcom.

These changes are big enough to warrant some kind of formal attention.

And we're joined by two WWT experts who live and breathe virtualization.

From Inglewood, Colorado, you're gonna meet Jeff Mercier.

And from Omaha, Nebraska, we have James Harless.

Two principal solutions architects who have been actively engaging with customers, addressing their queries, and developing action plans for what they came up with.

At one level, it doesn't seem like this should be all that difficult. And it really doesn't have to be, but I'm surprised at the nuance involved here.

Inside the show:

  • Virtualization, VMware, and their significance in modern IT systems
  • Impact of Broadcom's acquisition on licensing, product support, and infrastructure
  • Considerations for reassessing virtualization strategy post-acquisition
  • Expert insights from WWT solutions architects on virtualization challenges
  • Importance of careful evaluation before migration decisions
  • Diversification and potential benefits of exploring other hypervisor options
  • Paradigm shift towards containerization and Kubernetes management
  • Balancing short-term pain with long-term benefits in infrastructure transitions

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