Creative Pursuits

Creative Pursuits

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Facing Challenges in Video Creation?
Let's connect! If you're finding it hard to kickstart your video project or manage your budget, I'm here to help. Together, we can uncover the solutions you need.

Navigate the Complexities with Ease
The journey of creating a marketing video is filled with nuances. I'm here to guide you from start to finish, ensuring a smooth and impactful journey. From initial planning to a refined creative process, your project is in expert hands.

Craft a Compelling Narrative
My expertise in storytelling will aid in developing and honing your message, ensuring it leaves a lasting impression.

Expert Coaching for Professionals
Are you an SME or an executive looking to engage and inspire your audience more effectively? My specialized coaching sessions are tailored to boost your presentation skills.

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Whether it's event preparation or skill enhancement, I provide the crucial knowledge and techniques you need to excel.

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Your ideas deserve to be realized. We'll work closely, transforming your visions into clear, actionable strategies. Choose from the hands-on experience of on-site consultations or the convenience of remote video sessions.

Your Creative Journey, My Commitment
I am dedicated to supporting your creative endeavors, every step of the way. Let's bring your video concepts to life!

Animated Explainer

In the wake of several whirlwind years traveling the globe with TechWiseTV, we established our own studio at Cisco's San Jose campus, driven by a relentless quest for innovative storytelling methods. Frequently, we encountered technical topics that were not only unique to Cisco but also crucially relevant to other segments of our show.
Initially, the idea of using animation surfaced in my mind, though the specifics of what it entailed were unclear to me at the time. This exploration into animation not only led to some of our most acclaimed videos but also laid the groundwork for mastering several new disciplines.

  • Writing.
    • Words matter, especially in animation where brevity is key. Previously, I hadn't given much thought to word count, but in this realm, conciseness is crucial. The goal? To utilize a blend of carefully chosen words, motion graphics, music, and sound effects to convey complex topics effectively. The aim was ambitious yet clear: distill what might take an hour to explain into a succinct 2 to 3-minute piece. It's a task that hinges on the right subject matter, but with enough exploration and playful use of metaphors, it's entirely achievable.
  • Art.
    • Art, at its core, is more than what meets the eye. It's not just a decorative element but a dynamic partner to the words we select, enhancing their meaning and reducing the need for extensive text. This synergy of visual art and language extends far beyond the realm of motion graphics. In the world of corporate video, where talking heads often dominate, the artful combination of visuals and words opens up a realm of possibilities. When the right story aligns with the available time and budget, the impact can be profound without necessarily incurring high costs. There are numerous creative and budget-friendly ways to infuse life into these narratives, transforming the ordinary into something truly captivating.\
  • Motion Graphics.
    • Motion graphics, a discipline distinct from traditional animation, involves bringing artwork to life on screen, guided by a script and sometimes a scratch track. Crafting our best explainer videos was a meticulous process, involving weeks of collaboration between myself in Dallas and my co-host engineer, Jimmy Ray Purser, in Wisconsin.
    • Our process began with scripts and storyboards. Once we had a clear vision and internal client approval, we would send our concepts to our artist in London, Paul Bateman. Paul, an exceptional artist and actor, possessed the unique skill of preparing digital files for motion graphics—a vital aspect I hadn't initially considered. These multi-layered files, once crafted to perfection, were then forwarded to a San Francisco agency for the actual motion work.
    • This three-step process glosses over the countless late nights spent fine-tuning word count, humor, branding, and narrative. While motion graphics can escalate in complexity and cost, it's also adaptable to more modest budgets through the use of existing assets and stock icon packs. My key takeaway: motion graphics is an incredibly effective storytelling medium, flexible in its approach, but always demanding time, creativity, and budgetary consideration.

On-Camera Talent

In-studio hosted interviews or high-quality scripted reads.Available for event hosting/emcee on or off video, live or pre-recorded.

Voice Over

I've always had a passion for speaking into a microphone, and after receiving several compliments on my voice, I was inspired to invest in high-quality studio equipment. I frequently receive 'scratch' tracks — preliminary script recordings used by editors for timing videos, graphics, or animations. When I'm not traveling, my well-equipped studio allows me to produce both scratch and final voice recordings swiftly and with exceptional quality. Additionally, with adequate notice, I'm capable of delivering this same level of quality while on the road.

  • Deep, resonant, and soothing voice.
  • Rough and authentic, adding a rugged, earthy tone.
  • Friendly, approachable conversational style.
  • Articulate and clear with charismatic appeal.

- Pricing for voice over services available on request.


Elevate your video content with expert writing that excels in crafting narratives for the spoken word. We ensure your message resonates through meticulous pacing and tone, turning your visions into captivating scripts that engage and inspire. Connect with your audience on a deeper level with content that's not just seen but felt.



With so much time and money being poured into the latest technical conference, video becomes the best way to capture and share what only a few can physically attend.