About Robb Boyd

About Robb Boyd
Robb Boyd, Host of World Wide Technology's online series "Research" - Season 3, Episode 24, Automation Culture.
Robb Boyd, an accomplished producer, writer, and presenter with over 20 years in telecom and tech, is best known as the creative brain behind Cisco's TechWiseTV. He's also a familiar face at Cisco Live events in the US and Europe. Robb's bagged over 23 industry awards and 2 Emmy nods for his unique animated explainer videos. These days, he's sharing his know-how through ExplaiNerds, Inc., dishing out top-notch media and educational services in networking and tech.

Robb Boyd, the creative powerhouse behind ExplaiNerds, Inc., has been a transformative figure in tech media. Launching his career in the Dallas area, Robb joined Cisco in the midst of the Y2K frenzy and quickly adapted to a Security Specialist role, driven by a passion for knowledge and a fear of being unprepared.

His 20-year journey at Cisco saw him delve into various aspects of video production, where he became an acclaimed producer, writer, editor, speaker, trainer, emcee, and host. He was instrumental in the success of TechWiseTV and played a vital role in CiscoTV and as a video host for Cisco Webex. More recently, he has taken the helm as the host of WWT's Research presentations, formerly known as TEC37.

Christian Reilly, CTO of Citrix at the time, (currently with Hashicorp) on stage for a LIVE TechWIseTV episode on Cisco HyperFlex

Robb's transition from the hospitality industry to a tech savant at Cisco reflects his adaptable nature and eagerness to learn. His journey is marked by continuous growth, evolving from a self-taught geek to an industry veteran who thrives on sharing knowledge and refining messages.

Cisco Live Amsterdam 2024 - Robb Boyd and co-host Nish Parkar

Now leading ExplaiNerds, Robb is committed to revolutionizing B2B technical content. He believes in the power of storytelling to make tech content not just educational, but also entertaining and effective. His approach is all about authenticity, striving to create podcasts and video series that truly resonate with audiences.

In his personal life, Robb is an enthusiast of motorcycling and one-wheeling, always eager to learn new things and enjoy the vast array of streaming services available. Despite his numerous accolades, including 23+ industry awards and two Emmy nominations, Robb remains humble and approachable – just don't mention growing up watching his content, as it reminds him of his veteran status!

"Every genius has a story, and every story sparks another."


At ExplaiNerds, we're not just about sharing brilliance; we're about igniting it. The world is filled with intellectual powerhouses, yet many grapple with conveying their revolutionary ideas. We're here to change that.

Having collaborated with some of the globe's sharpest engineers and B2B marketers, I've witnessed the chasm between profound understanding and its articulation. ExplaiNerds is the bridge, transforming complex concepts into captivating, relatable tales.

Educate. Entertain. Engage.