Data Centers are not Dead.

"Data Centers are not dead. They are evolving." WWT's 2024 report unveils the transformative impact of AI on data centers, from modernization to cybersecurity. Join us as we explore this evolution, powered by WWT's Advanced Technology Center.

Data Centers are not Dead.
Robb Boyd stresses priority 2 of WWT's data center priorities: develop a cyber recovery plan.

The Evolution of Data Centers in the Age of AI: Insights from WWT's 2024 Data Center Priorities Report

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the proclamation that "Data Centers are not dead. They are evolving" serves as a beacon of insight, courtesy of World Wide Technology's (WWT) Data Center Priorities Report for 2024. This headline, both captivating and profound, introduces a narrative that, while seemingly apparent, unfolds into a journey of discovery and innovation.The report delineates five critical priorities for the modern data center, each interconnected by the transformative thread of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This exploration is not about the fleeting allure of AI but rather its foundational impact on our technological infrastructure and strategic planning.

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1. Modernization Over Mere Refreshment

The call to modernize, rather than simply refresh, our technological frameworks underscores the necessity of paying down technical debt. This approach emphasizes development and preparation for the future, highlighting the importance of a proactive stance in the face of rapid technological advancements.

2. The Imperative of Cyber Recovery

In an era where changes in cybersecurity are swift and relentless, having a robust Cyber Recovery Plan is not just recommended; it's imperative. The advent of AI has accelerated both our greatest aspirations and our worst impulses, necessitating a vigilant and pragmatic approach to cybersecurity. The disparity in deployment capabilities between ethical organizations and malevolent actors has never been more pronounced, making the need for solid cyber recovery strategies more critical than ever.

3. The Rise of High-Performance Computing

With High-Performance Computing (HPC) gaining momentum, WWT offers guidance on the architecture needed for optimal performance. This priority reflects the growing demand for computational power in an increasingly data-driven world.

4. Virtualization and the Broadcom Question

For many, VMware has been synonymous with virtualization. However, the acquisition by Broadcom raises questions about the future of virtualization technologies and strategies. This shift represents a pivotal moment for data centers, prompting a reevaluation of virtualization's role in the broader technological ecosystem.

5. Addressing Staffing Shortages with AI

Long considered a mundane issue, staffing shortages in the tech industry are being reimagined through the lens of AI. This innovative approach offers new solutions to old problems, highlighting AI's potential to reshape the workforce landscape.

Unifying Thread: The Transformative Impact of AI

The report's unifying theme is the transformative impact of AI on data centers and technology at large. AI is not just another hype cycle; it represents a fundamental shift in how we approach technology, infrastructure, and strategic planning. Building a solid foundation now is crucial for navigating the AI-driven landscape of the future.

Michael Ambruso Technical Solutions Architect, Data Protection & Cyber Resilience World Wide Technology (WWT)

Expert Insights

To delve deeper into these priorities, we're joined by two distinguished experts. Michael Ambruso, from the Berkshire Foothills of Connecticut, brings his expertise in data protection and cyber recovery, highlighting the turbo-charged threat of ransomware in the age of AI.

Todd Hathaway Technical Solutions Architect AI & Emerging Cyber Security Technology Global Solutions & Architecture World Wide Technology

Todd Hathaway, hailing from Columbus, OH, offers a veteran's perspective on how AI is reshaping the security landscape, both offensively and defensively.As we navigate the dual realities of our data's increasing value and vulnerability, the data center remains an indispensable anchor in these tumultuous times. With insights powered by WWT's Advanced Technology Center, we're poised to explore the evolving role of data centers in a world where AI's transformative impact is undeniable.