Control Hub as a Coach

Webex's Control Hub as a Coach offers IT admins an in-product digital coach that eliminates the complexity for improved hybrid work experiences.

Control Hub as a Coach

Control Hub as a Coach offers IT admins an in-product digital coach that takes the complexity out of improving hybrid work experiences. Control Hub can now guide IT admins to achieve best practice set up, adoption quality, and create greater efficiency for managing and supporting workers. Admins choose the goal they want to drive and execute on the task that will help achieve the outcome, all while measuring their progress through key metrics.


There are many ways to customize the Webex experience for your organization.
As an administrator, you need to know where things are so you can focus on the right priorities.
Webex now offers actionable insights.
Step-by-step guidance for administrators to accelerate business outcomes and improve the hybrid work experience.

Introducing Control Hub as a coach.

This first release focuses on two outcomes for your organization: improving your meeting experience and security posture.

Now, remember that Webex is very secure in its default state
But every organization has unique requirements.
And it’s never been easier to quickly tweak the settings to get exactly what you need.

There are three security goals to work towards here, standard, enhanced and advanced.
We can see specific tasks, status and recommended actions by selecting a goal.

Security tasks fall into two categories,  Secure content and media streaming which is ‘in progress’ and Secure User Access, which is already ‘complete.’

  • Some tasks are automatically checked off due to auto-detection on the backend, but if not, the admin can also do it manually, which is why we see *'completED required setup.' *
  • The ‘dismiss’ button gives you control over non-relevant tasks, so they don’t count against your progress ranking.

Let’s go back to the overview page and dive into Enhanced Security and jump into ‘Set idle timeout.’

  • This takes us directly to the organizational settings page you would use even without the coach’s help.
  • This allows you to learn as you go since the coach is not doing it for you, it’s teaching you how to do it better.
  • Getting back to where you left is as simple as selecting this *blue button. *
    These progress bars will dynamically update as you complete tasks.

Control Hub as a coach can help you fine-tune your Webex experience.
So, enhance your performance, with a coach.
Only in Cisco Webex.