We have now released three out of the four possible deep-dive shows centered on the WWT Research report: Network Priorities for 2023.

WAN Up: How Optimizing Your WAN Can Deliver a Better Employee Experience, just aired on the WWT Platform live today so the replay is available right now. This one came from Priority 2: Secure and Optimize your WAN.


Network Priorities for 2023
– Build a wireless strategy
– Secure and optimize your WAN
– Invest in a converged transport network
– Buck the status quo

Tom Schepers is one of those networking veterans I really enjoy catching up with. Despite not having me him previously, we overlapped quite a few years at Cisco. His perspective on where WAN decisions are being made and why, made sense to me and hopefully for you as well. SD-WAN has settled in as a foundational technology yet, it’s still not being used in the most advantageous ways.

The Network Priorities for 2023 report is worth your time, even if you haven’t had time to watch this or the other deep dives. But these are quite good.

Priority 1: Build a Wireless Strategy

Priority 1: Build a Wireless Strategy featuring industry expert Bob Hrbek. “Thinking Beyond Wi-Fi to Empower a Mobile Workforce”

Priority 3: Invest in a Converged Transport Network

Tyler Tappy brings his optical networking experience and blends it with Josh Hogan’s MPLS and Segment Routing background to illustrate big, positive changes for something called Routed Optical Convergence.

You will find this one on the platform titled “Go Big or Go Home: How to Pack More Features Into Existing Network Architectures”

I hope you enjoy these.