Voice Talent

Voice Talent
Photo by Jason Rosewell / Unsplash

We are well equipped to record new and updated voice over scripts as needed.

  • Pricing, available on request, is based on a completed and locked script.
    • Scratch track recordings, often used as a placeholder for timing an edit in process, are also available for a reduced price.
    • Final files are delivered as .WAV or .MP3.
  • Options that often come up...
    • Writing
      • Re-write scripts for spoken word delivery
      • Research and write from a variety of source materials
    • Video
      • As an experienced on-camera presenter, Robb can deliver voice over tracks delivered to camera.
      • Hosted, on-screen narration, offers multiple benefits
        • Audience connection - See and hear the person talking
        • Save money - reduced need for content covering every frame of your video with the option to simply 'cut to' your host between graphics or scenes.

Eight Reasons Why Voice is Key

  • Humanizing B2B Marketing: Voice talent introduces a necessary human element to B2B marketing, making content more engaging and relatable.
  • Brand Identity Enhancement: Consistent voice use across marketing materials can significantly improve brand recognition and trust.
  • Effective Communication: Professional voice artists deliver complex B2B messages clearly and engagingly, enhancing understanding and engagement.
  • Narrative Storytelling: Voice talents bring storytelling to life in B2B marketing, enhancing the memorability and impact of brand narratives.
  • Accessibility: By providing audio content, voice talent ensures broader accessibility of marketing messages, including for those with visual impairments.
  • Influencing and Persuading: In the complex B2B sales cycle, the persuasive power of a skilled voice artist can be crucial in leading to conversions.
  • Emotional Engagement: The ability of voice talent to convey emotions fosters deeper connections with the business audience, crucial for building lasting relationships.
  • Versatility: Professional voice talents offer adaptability across various types of B2B marketing content, ensuring consistency and effectiveness in communication.