Hybrid Work with Zeus Kerravala

Hybrid Work with Zeus Kerravala
Zeus Kerravala joins Robb Boyd for a LinkedIN live discussion about Webex competition and the latest ZK Research white paper on the subject.

In this ever-evolving world where the boundaries between our office and home spaces seem to blur, it's the digital tools we wield that keep us grounded.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Zeus Kerravala, a seasoned IT pro who's been navigating these waters for years. He shared his journey with me, from the early days of voiceover IP to the AI-enhanced WebEx we know today. It's a voyage through a sea of change, and Zeus is the perfect guide.

We did this as a LinkedIn Live event on Tuesday, Mar 05, 2024.

If you missed it, this link will take you to the replay.

Together, we explored how

  • The pandemic has transformed collaboration tools from simple web sharing platforms to comprehensive suites that cater to remote and in-office workers.
  • Security is paramount in today's collaboration tools, with enterprise-grade security being a critical aspect.
  • WebEx stands out with its broad set of features, including high-definition video, audio conferencing, screen sharing, recording, playback, whiteboarding, and virtual meetings.
  • AI integration in WebEx enhances user experience with features like background noise removal, meeting summaries, and the ability to catch up on missed parts of a meeting.
  • WebEx's partnerships and integrations with companies like Apple, Google, and HubSpot provide additional benefits and flexibility for users.
  • Industries with strict security and compliance requirements, such as government, financial services, and healthcare, depend on WebEx's reliability and security.

Webex continues to set itself apart with top-notch security, AI features, and those all-important integrations that make hybrid work seamless.

We based much of this conversation on the white paper:
Webex vs. Teams vs. Zoom - A comprehensive head-to-head comparison by ZK Research

I trust you found it enjoyable and gained some valuable insights to aid you in your own pursuits.