Behind the Scenes at Cisco Live with Cisco TV

Robb Boyd takes you behind the scenes of the Cisco TV broadcast team from Cisco Live Europe 2024

Behind the Scenes at Cisco Live with Cisco TV
Robb Boyd goes behind the scenes at Cisco Live Amsterdam 2024

Peeking behind the curtain has always been a thrill for me. There's something special about programs that pull back the veil to reveal the intricacies of how a show is pieced together – they instantly capture my interest.

Circa 2009 - the TechWiseTV team on site at Cisco Live - Jimmy Ray, Robb Boyd, Tina Shakour

For nearly two decades, I've been at the helm of various video productions at Cisco Live events across America and Europe, accumulating a treasure trove of memories. From the early days with my compact, spirited TechWiseTV crew to our eventual collaboration with Cisco TV, enhancing the scale of the broadcast year after year.

This year's European segment took place in Hall 5 of the RAI conference center, strategically positioned next to the Innovation Talks theatre. This proximity was no coincidence, as we're all part of the Cisco TV family. Our broadcast largely revolves around the insightful topics presented on that stage. Armed with multiple cameras and a self-reliant team, the iTalks crew, coupled with a robust network connection, serves as a cornerstone for our programming.

Alongside my fellow three hosts, we craft our segments to complement these talks, incorporating live demos and in-depth discussions to flank each presentation. Our flexible schedule, adapting to the variable timings of the speakers, adds an enjoyable layer of spontaneity to our roles.

I'm committed to enriching my personal channels with more content, aiming to delve into the announcements made at the event. While the specifics are still taking shape, I view these efforts as foundational work in anticipation of Cisco Live Vegas coming up in June 2024.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this behind-the-scenes video. Is there anything in particular you're curious about or would like to see more of?

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